TDK Odorless Tire Sauce 4oz
  • TDK Odorless Tire Sauce 4oz

    SKU: TDK1002

    Odorless Tire Sauce is a medium aggressive sauce that is a true solution to tracks that have an odorless policy yet provides an increased level of grip and is made right here in the USA!


    After months of testing and development, we present the world's FIRST bio-degradable, eco-friendly, & safe Tire Traction Compound. Comes in a 4oz recyclable tin can with applicator swab. 


    TDK felt like there was something wrong with the tire sauce industry. Plastic bottles filled with extremely volatile substances. You know the fumes that fill the track on race night, have you ever considered what you're smelling? Many times its a mixture of highly hazardous materials such as WD-40, Liquid Wrench, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene, Belt Conditioner, Distilled Turpentine, Windex, Lighter Fluid, ATF, Acetone, and Rosin.