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  • Ball Differential Grease .25 oz

    SKU: TDK1004

    Ball Differential Grease is an industrial grade grease that has high-performance additives that reduce friction and increase differential ball and plate life. With high levels of lubrication and wear protection you'll have a smoother operating, longer-lasting ball differential. Ball DIfferential Grease is safe on plastic and rubber and has an operating temperature range of -45 to 450F.


    Like all our products Ball Differential Grease is made and bottled in the USA!


    It comes in a .25 oz glass container that is 100% recyclable.


    We're dedicated to providing you a safe, clean, and environmentally conscious product. That is why our Ball Differential Grease is safe and biodegradable so you have peace of mind that you won't have to run out and wash your hands as soon as you touch our product. Ball Differential Grease is a completely non-hazardous product. 


    In order to maintain an eco-friendly product line please Recycle or Reuse our containers.